Access the tenancy/lease correspondence history by navigating to the relevant tenancy/lease, and clicking on Correspondence on the left hand menu. 

Refer to the screenshot below, and the numbered list of functions explained underneath.


1. All Correspondence - This is a complete list of all correspondence for the Tenancy and Contacts within the Tenancy

2. Tenancy Correspondence - This is only correspondence related to the Tenancy and sent to the Contacts within the Tenancy 

3. Contact Correspondence - This is only correspondence which is unrelated to the Tenancy but sent to the Contacts within the Tenancy

Any correspondence related to a tenancy that has been generated before 16th of September 2020 will be shown under Contact Correspondence instead of Tenancy Correspondence. 

4. To exclude specific tenancy contacts from the list, select their name in the search box.

5. The lists will be filtered based on the time period of 1 month but this can be changed using the date selectors.

6 Selecting Download allows you to download all correspondence shown on the tab and applies the filters specified.

7. If an email is sent to more than one recipient, it will be grouped into one line in the table. You can see the individual recipients by clicking the downwards arrow. 

This grouping will only apply to emails sent after July 13, 2021. Grouped email sent prior to this date will show as individual lines in the list.

8. The list will show an icon to visually represent the status of the sent email. Refer to this page for a more detailed explanation of what these statuses represent.

9. To see a history of that email's event (such as the time & date when it was sent, delivered, and opened), click the icon in the Status column as shown.