Release Notes for 14 October 2020

  • Added the ability to delete an incorrectly filed tax return

Customers now have the ability to delete an incorrectly filed tax return. This feature is available only to the latest finalised tax return and this cannot be reversed once deleted. The ability to perform this delete is available to all administrator users but other user roles can perform this by having an administrator assign them the role of "Can delete tax returns". For more information see this help article.

Release Notes for 16 September 2020

  • Update tenancy correspondence display and add new filters

Tenancy correspondence is now split into three tabs - All Correspondence, Tenancy Correspondence and Contact Correspondence. Each list defaults to displaying the last 30 days of records, certain contacts can be excluded from the list and each list can be downloaded with the filters being respected. For more information see this help article.

Please note any correspondence related to a tenancy that has been generated before 16th of September 2020 will be shown under Contact Correspondence instead of Tenancy Correspondence.

  • QuickBooks Online Integration

Re-Leased data can now be integrated with data in QBO and will be kept in sync with regular updates.
Financial settings (i.e. Accounts, Tax rates, etc.) are managed in QBO while daily transactions (i.e. Invoices, credit notes, contacts) can be managed in both Re-Leased and QBO.
QBO transactions processed using 'spend money' or 'receive money' are not shared between Re-Leased and QBO.

  • Invoice Details and Payments report 

The Invoice Details and Payments report now supports filtering by tags. You may choose to filter out the results of the report with any combination of Property, Tenancy and Owner tags that you have set up in your records within Re-Leased.  

Release Notes for 2 September 2020

  • Display maintenance comments on tenancy correspondence and correspondence report

Maintenance comments from the tenant app are now shown in both the tenant correspondence and on the correspondence report. 

Release Notes for 26 August 2020

  • Update settings for emergency number display for tenant app

The settings in the web app have been updated to be more explicit about what the setting changes and where.

Release Notes for 13 August 2020

  • Set emergency number display for tenant app

Users now have the ability within the web app to set the emergency number displayed in the tenant app for maintenance issues. 

Release Notes for 6 August 2020

  • Shared documents with tenants in tenant app from tenancy, property and document area

Property documents can now be shared in the tenant app for all tenants within the property, without having to add the document to each tenancy.

  • View all maintenance requests in maintenance hub

Any maintenance requests that are received through the tenant app can now be viewed by any user in the maintenance hub.

  • Ability to resend tenant app invite

If a tenant app invite has expired or been deleted, users now have the ability to resend the invite from the manage tenant sign ins list.

  • Tax Returns for Owner Groups

Tax returns can now be completed for owner groups. All owner groups are shown in the owner select list when starting a return.