Forms and Agreements can be used to generate merged documents from Tenancies.

Before you begin, check out this article on how to set up the templates: Forms and Agreement Templates

1. Select Tenancies 

2. Select Tenant you want to view or generate documents from 

3. Select Documents from the left menu of the tenancy record. 

4. Click Generate Forms and Agreements where you can view/create forms and agreements

Select from the list of templates to populate the text area:

1. The Title will populate with the tenancy name, you can adjust this to be more detailed.

 When you view the Tenancy Documents page after saving this is the name it will have on the list.

2. If you have Multiple templates you may select them from here

Then make any adjustments or add additional merge fields if required:

Use the option to Preview the document to check merge results, it will download as a pdf.

Select Save when the document is finished for the option to download or email a copy:

If email is selected, the document will be attached as a pdf to a new outgoing email.

1. Recipients will be automatically selected based on your tenancy contact preferences (see Managing Tenancy Contacts), add or remove recipients as required.

2. Populate the subject and message by selecting from your list of 'general' correspondence templates or type your own message before pushing 'send email' at the bottom of the page.

3. You will see attachments here