Click on any icon in the green menu bar to navigate to the different areas within Re-Leased 



1. Click Dashboard on the Icon Menu to view My Calendar or use the tabs to switch to the Global Calendar, which shows the events for all users, and can be filtered by the user.

2. Items due Today, or which are Overdue are listed to the right of the calendar.

3. The calendar key determines what events and tasks show on your calendar. 

The coloured tiles link to the Arrears Hub, Maintenance Hub and Inspection Hubs. Use the orange My Reminders button to view your own and add new reminders to the calendar.

All items can be attended to from the Dashboard. Hover your mouse over the item on the calendar to view basic details, or click into the item to view details, edit or action the notification.

To find out more about the Calendar see here: What Information can I see in the Calendar?

My Analytics

The My Analytics tab is used to display your favourite reports. Use the Add chart drop-down list to get started.

 This video runs for approx 2.5 minutes

 This video runs for approx 10 minutes


Selecting Properties from the menu will open the property page.

1. Tabs on the top left side switch between, viewing the current properties in a list or pinned to the map, and the third tab for viewing properties which have been archived.

2. Import Properties from a spreadsheet. 

3. Add a New Property manually 

4. Filter the properties listed in Re-leased 

The property list can be filtered by Company, Property Manager and Property Type or by performing a search.

If ADL Forms integration is enabled, an option to export will be available.  ADL forms are only available in Australia.

Click a property image or name to open the record and view further details.


Selecting Tenancies from the menu will open the Tenancy page. 

 1. Tenancies are listed according to their status, use the tabs on the top left side to switch between current   tenancies, and those which are future, expired, cancelled or archived

 2. Configure in setting AU only

 3. Add a New Tenancy manually

 4. Import tenancies from a spreadsheet

 5. The tenancy list can be filtered by Company, Property Manager or by using the search options

 6. Filter the list already in Re-leased 

 7. The order of the list can be sorted by name or street

Income and Expenses

Selecting Income & Expenses from the menu will open the Income & Expense page. The default view is approved Income.

1. Tabs filters the page by type, use this to switch from Income to Expenses, Repeating Income or Repeating Expenses, and for users with access to trust accounts there is an additional tab for Receipts

2.Dropdown filters allow the list to be displayed for a selected company or property manager

3. Tabs filters the list by status

4. Search by name or invoice number to locate a specific item

5. Create receipts, usually only used for cash and cheques

6. Dropdown for more options for invoicing 

7. There is the option to Process Payments, Process Bulk Expenses and add New Invoices. 

8. Search list below


Selecting Contacts from the menu will open the Contacts page


If you are connected to Xero, this list is the same as in your Xero account. Changes made in Re-Leased will update to Xero straight away, changes made in Xero will sync into Re-Leased once per day, or whenever you instigate sync from the Settings > Manage Add Ons menu.

1. The page can be filtered by All Contacts, Current Tenants, Companies, Creditors, Owners, Preferred Suppliers, Bond Authorities (for Trust Accounting companies only) and Archived contacts.  

The company, Type (Property, Tenancy, Maintenance, Insurance, Invoices, Owner, Bond Authority, Company, Creditor, Preferred Supplier)

2. You can also send text messages, emails and letters from this page

3. As with Properties and Tenancies, you can add a New Contact manually 

4. Import Contacts to bulk upload contacts from a spreadsheet

5. Filter lists below


The Documents page gives you access to all documents.

1. Documents can be uploaded via a Property, Tenancy or from Documents Tab - New Document.

2. Documents can be filtered by type using the tabs, or search options.

3. Search bar to be able to find specific documents. Can be filtered by tag


Selecting Reports from the Menu will open the Report List. Xero and Stand-Alone Users will see only General Reports, and Trust Accounting Users will see both General Reports and Trust Accounting Reports. 

1. Select Company/all 

2. General Reports are grouped by Property, Tenant, Financial, Budget, Performance and Other.  Unless specified otherwise, the financial reports on this page are invoice based.

Trust Accounting Report are grouped by Transactions, banking, Financial, Disbursement, Performance, Reconciliation and Ledgers.  Unless specified otherwise, these reports are payments based.

Reports enable a comprehensive analysis of information within your account, they can be viewed on the screen or downloaded. The Reports function will not make any changes to information within your account. 


1. Options used throughout Re-Leased are managed via Settings. The Settings area can be filtered by Company by selecting the drop-down menu (see arrow) 

Users have great flexibility to customise Re-Leased to suit their portfolio by adding, editing and archiving the options available.

Select Manage Add-Ons and Integrations to sync data with available add-ons and apps.


Click on the ? to access the Knowledge Base or contact our Customer Support Team.