The Financial Summary Report details income and expenditure for selected periods and presents it divided according to Close Of Period history.  This report is recommended as a Financial Year summary and can be emailed to multiple owners at the same time.  If your close of period has not been performed every month some columns will be empty if this is the case you might prefer to use the Financial Details Report instead or the date override option.  

To access the report Select Reports then Trust Accounting Reports & Financial Summary 

Set the report's criteria at the top of the page, and then either generate to screen, print to pdf (see optional landscape pdf), export to CSV or email.  It is suggested the reports are checked before emailing.

The Report is divided into 3 sections - Income, Expenses and Profit analysis.

Any excluded transactions will be listed in the screen preview and not included in the downloaded or emailed reports. ( a sample report of the full report is found below)

Click the listed amounts to see a breakdown of the invoices included. If you notice expenses or income that is not represented in these reports, there may be an incorrect chart of account selected at the time of generating the expense or income. You will need to locate those invoices & edit the Chart of account to reflect the correct code.

If Email is selected, all owners included in the report criteria will receive their Financial Summary reports as a single PDF for all properties. A template for the email can be created under Correspondence templates and be applied to the email.

Any reports unable to be emailed will be available to download as PDF.