Repeating income invoices can be used for any kind of regular income, which is not rent.

To add a new repeating income invoice:

  • Click Income and Expenses on the green main menu
  • Click the Repeating Income heading
  • Click New Repeating Income Invoice

Filling in the invoice template

  1. Set how often this invoice should repeat;
  2. Set the next due date, this must be in the future;
  3. Set how the due date will be calculated;
  4. You can set an end date if required, but this is optional;
  5. Select a status you want the invoices to be generated as - Draft, Awaiting Approval or Approved.  Draft is handy when charges vary but you want a reminder of who to raise charges for, for instance with metered power.  The invoices generate to the draft invoice list where you can add the pricing and approve them;
  6. If you have selected the Approved status, check Email approved invoices so the generated invoices are automatically emailed.

Complete the invoice details as usual.

  • Select a Related Property, if there is one
  • Select a Related Tenancy
  • Enter who the invoice is to
  • Add a Reference if you wish, but bear in mind that this will be re-used for each occurrence of the invoice, so should be generic with no dates included.
  • Select if amounts are entered included or excluding tax.
  • Add a description, quantity, price and income account code.
  • The Tax Type will automatically fill in when the account code is selected.
  • The Ledger or Xero property tracking category will be automatically selected based on the related property but can be changed if required.
  • Add as many lines as required and attach any documents if needed.
  • Save the repeating invoice template.