Rent invoices are different to other income invoices, only invoices raised in the Rent and Outgoings section of Tenancies can have a period of time associated with them.  This period of time is used on reports and when actioning arrears.

Rent invoices are raised automatically when they become due based on the current Rent Template, depending on the settings for advance invoice generation within the Tenancy Details section of each tenancy file.

To raise invoices for rent which will be due in the future, find and open the tenancy file, then select Rent & Outgoings on the left menu.  

1. Use the Generate Next Rent Invoice button to raise future invoices in order.  

2. Use Generate One-off Rent Invoice to raise invoice other than the next invoice, e.g. for past charges

3. There is a link to preview the details on the next invoice due to be generated. 

Invoices raised this way are not automatically emailed to the tenant.