The Rent & Outgoings page of the Tenancy file contains the templates.  The Rent Template sets the amounts and frequency of billing for the tenants rent and other regular charges, such as outgoings that need to be included on the invoice.  Outgoings can also be set up as a separate template.

When loading a new Tenancy, the next due date will be calculated based on the First Payment date and frequency.  Automatic invoicing only goes forward.

Access the Rent & Outgoings Templates by opening a tenant, and selecting Rent & Outgoings on the left menu:

Click on the Amount link on each template to view or edit the details.  View more details, and past and future templates using the tabs at the top beside Summary.

The Template contains:

  • a Description
  • the Payment Frequency, it can be any number of weeks, months or years.  For irregular payment patterns set up a Custom Payment Frequency.
  • a Reference which appears on the invoice to the tenant
  • a total net rent for the period, the image below shows monthly, but this will depend on the payment frequency entered above, all line items not ticked in the template must add up to this amount.
  • a calculated annual net rent
  • a Rent Type
  • an area for notes
  • Rent Invoice Template Lines, each with a description, net rate, income code (Tax Type will auto populate to match the account code selected) and a link to the owners ledger or property tracking.
  • a Save button to keep any changes, when a rent changes it is recommended to add a new rent template, so that you retain a record of previous rent details
  • an button to edit the rent to area allocation
  • an Archive button, archived rent templates cannot be retrieved