The Tenancy Schedule Report will show a list of Tenancies at a Property, with their Terms.

The Terms will show the duration of the Leases in a format that includes whether they have Renewals or are Rolling Leases. For instance:

6Mths - This is a fixed term for 6 months with no renewal

1+1Yrs - This is a lease for 1 year, with one renewal

1+1+1+1+1+1+1Yrs - This a lease for 1 year that has 6 renewals

6Mths+12Mths+6Mths+1Yr - This a lease that is currently for 6 months that has had previous terms of 6 months and then 12 months, and a future term of 1 yr

6Mths (rolling) - This is a 6 month term that is Rolling


  • Reports For - Select a Company
  • Property to Include - Select a Property
  • Remove Car Parks - Click this to remove Car Parks from the Lease details


Clicking on 'Generate Report on Screen' will show the list of Leases and Terms