Contacts are added automatically as you use Re-Leased when entering Properties, Tenancies, Maintenance tasks etc. Anytime you are able to select an existing contact, you can also type the name of a new contact which is then automatically added to your list of contacts for the associated company. You can also add contact manually, this is helpful if you are setting up a company within Re-Leased and want to load creditors complete with contact info and payment details ready for later use.

There are 2 ways to add a contact manually, the fastest is to click the + add button on the black top menu and then select New Contact.

You can also add contacts by navigating to the contacts page using the green menu, then clicking New Contact.

Adding a Contact from the Contacts menu

1. Select Contacts

2.Select the Company the new contact is to be associated with.  It will be available for use only within that company.

3. Select + New Contact.

Contact Information

Selecting a contact category will affect where it shows on the contact list.  All contacts show on the 'All Contacts' view, if Creditor is selected this contact will also show on the Creditor view, same when selecting Company, the contact will also appear on the Company list.  A contact will only display on the preferred supplier's list if selected as a preferred supplier on a property so there is no option for this within the contact record.

The Contact Name is used throughout Re-Leased, whenever this contact is associated with a property or tenancy in some way and when entering invoices.

Add personal name details, these can be used later in emails and text messages, as well as appearing on invoices.

Add email, telephone and address information.  Note the buttons in the address area to copy from one side to the other.

If applicable, add tax and payment information.  For New Zealand and Australia, the BSB/Bank Branch numbers will match to the branch, if no match shows the information entered should be checked for accuracy.  The bank logo may not appear for all banks. If an account is selected as the default expense invoice account, the elected account will automatically be set on any expense invoices from the contact.

Save the contact.