Once properties have been loaded, it is possible to enter tenancy details.  These may be imported or entered manually, there are 3 options for how to start entering a new tenancy:

Adding Tenancy from Search Menu


The quickest way to add a tenancy from anywhere in Re-Leased, is to perform a property search, then select Add Tenancy beside the property in the search results.


Adding a new Tenancy from Tenancy list

If you are working from the Tenancy list, select the New Tenancy button.

Search for the property, click it when you see it on the search results.


Adding Tenancy from Property File


If you are working on the property file, click Tenancies on the left side menu, then New Tenancy.


Step 1 - Create New Tenancy


Complete tenancy details as above, then click Save and Continue to carry on to the next step.


Step 2 - Tenancy Contacts

Work through all contacts on the list, then click Continue.


Step 3 - Assigning Areas


Select and add each area the tenant will occupy.  When all areas have been added to the list, click Continue.


Step 4 - Inspections


Setting up an inspection will add reminders on your dashboard, click New Inspection to set dates and frequency, or Continue to skip adding an inspection.


Step 5 - Terms, Rent and Rent Reviews

Set up the terms of the tenancy.  Add rights of renewal and adjust as required to calculate correct final expiry date.

Scroll down to complete rent details.

  1. Enter the first review date.
  2. Select the most review type.  If more than one review type will be performed, select the one used most often.
  3. Set review frequency.
  4. Click Generate rent reviews and rent review dates will be generated for all dates upto the final expiry date of the last right of renewal.
  5. If the tenancy is on a rolling term, with no fixed end, rent reviews need to be added one at a time using this button.

Step 6 - Edit Rent to Area Allocation

Editing the Rent to Area Allocation will set up correct rates for the Tenancy Schedule.  This step can be performed at any time from the Occupied Areas section of the Tenancy file.  

Allocate the rent to each line as required and click finish.  You'll see a confirmation, and links to view the tenancy, direct on-charge templates or budgets if there are any on the property.