Work orders can be added to maintenance items and emailed to contractors.  Keep a track of ordered work using the maintenance hub.
Access your maintenance item via the property file, dashboard reminder or maintenance hub.

Adding a Work Order via the Property or Tenancy File

  • Select a property or Tenancy
  • Select Tasks from the left menu
  • Click the magnifying glass beside the maintenance task
  • Click Create Work Order

Adding a Work Order from the Maintenance Hub

  • Click the blue tile on the right side of the Dashboard screen to access the Maintenance Hub.
  • Find the maintenance item, using the filters or search options, or by clicking on any column heading to sort the list.
  • Click the preview icon to the right of the task, then click Create Work Order.

Adding a Work Order from the Dashboard event reminder

  • Click the item on the calendar, then click Create Work Order

Adding Details to the Work Order

  • Add a reference and update any details, this info has come from the maintenance task
  • Click Save Work Order.

Sending the Work Order

  • Click Edit Work Order to make changes.
  • Send by email by clicking Email PDF, if this option is missing it means the contractor's contact has no email address (Change template by selecting the drop-down).
  • Click Print as PDF to make a printable file.