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Access your templates by selecting Templates on the Settings Menu.  Templates are shared across all of your companies.  Each company can have separate branding by using the options to manage the header and footer for email and post.

In Settings select Templates 

Adding a Correspondence Template

Select the option to create a new correspondence template, the templates should contain the text that goes in between the header and footer.  If you're not sure about your header and footer, check these before adding templates.

1.Select a template type for your correspondence, this will affect where you are able to use the template within the system. 

General Template

General templates can be sent from within a contact file, or to a group of contacts from the Contacts page.

Inspection Notice Template

Inspection Notice templates can be used to set up Inspection Notice Rules and are sent via the Dashboard link to inspection notices.

Outgoings Invoice Template

The outgoings Invoice Master template is used when an invoice that is automatically raised from an Outgoings Template is automatically emailed.

Owners Statement Template

Clients with Trust Accounting activated will be able to set up Landlord statement email templates, this is available to select as a covering email when sending statements at the end of a disbursement.  Owner Statements cannot be sent without an email template of this type.

Quote Request Template 

Quote Request templates can be selected when sending Quote Requests, and a link can be included to allow the contractor to provide an online quote price, which is received back into your data.

Remittance Advice Template 

Clients with Trust Accounting activated will also have options to set up Landlord statement email templates, and creditor remittance advice email templates.

Arrears Templates

Arrears templates can be used with Arrear's rules to send notices for overdue invoices from the Arrears hub.  There are separate options to handle rent arrears, non-rent arrears or all arrears. For more information on using arrears see here.

Rent Invoice Template

The Rent Invoice Master template is used when an invoice that is automatically raised from a Rent Template is emailed.  If emailing rent invoices by clicking the 'Email PDF' option the master template will populate the email, other rent invoice templates, and general templates can be selected instead.

Repeating Invoice Template

The Repeating Invoice Master template is used when an invoice that is raised from a Repeating Invoice Template is emailed automatically.

Work Order Template

The Work Order Master template is used when a work order is emailed.  This can be replaced by selecting another work order template at the time of email.

  1. Template Type: Changing the template will affect where it can be used, and what merge fields are available. 
  2. Title: Title used when selecting this template from a list.
  3. Subject: The subject is used for the outgoing emails, this is what the recipient will see in their inbox.
  4. Tool Bar: Use the toolbar to format the body of the message.
  5. Merge Fields: Use the blue buttons to insert placeholders within the text (they are shown inside curly brackets on the template). They will be replaced with information from the relevant files when the template is sent. The standard fields shown are available for every template type.  Additional fields are specific to the template type selected are also made available. See here for a full list of the merge fields and their descriptions.

The Preview button will show your template with some sample data populating the merge fields so that you can check the way your emails will look when sent. Click Save to keep your template or Back to correspondence templates to return to the templates list without saving.

Click on the template name in the list to edit or archive.