Re-Leased allows you to create custom rent-payment dates, to allow Tenancies rents to be due on a schedule that isn't regular.  An example of when a Custom Rent Payment Frequency would be applicable would be for a tenancy with monthly rent, where there is no rent payable in January each year and the annual rent is split over 11 payments instead of 12.

The options for Custom Rent Payment Frequencies can only be managed from the Settings Menu. Select Settings on the green main menu, then Custom Rent Payment Frequencies in the General section.

Managing Custom Rent Payment Frequencies

Custom Rent Payment Frequency list

Click Custom Payment Frequencies from the General Menu in settings

Click the name link to make changes to or archive an existing Payment Frequency option, or click Create Custom Payment Frequency to add a new option.

Adding a Custom Rent Payment schedule

To add a new Rent Payment schedule click on the 'Create Custom Payment Frequency' button

Enter the custom schedule and click 'Save' when done.

Note: If the rent is to be prorated by the number of days in the period, then click the 'Prorate...' checkbox.

Using the Custom Payment Frequency on a rent template

To allow a tenancy's payments to be made on a custom schedule:

  • Select a Tenancy
  • Click on the 'Rent & Outgoings' menu on the left
  • Select a Rent amount from the list of existing rents or create a new rent

Use the 'Payment Frequency' dropdown to select the custom payment frequency instead of a regular frequency. Then select a date from the schedule to be the starting date of the first payment.

Note that is is possible to set up rent due every 3 months without the need to set up a custom payment frequency, the purpose of the example frequency was to set irregular due dates for the quarterly rent.

Selecting the first payment date and year